[Music] hey guys happy new year oh my god this is my first video of 2017 or one of the very first videos of 2017 I have been eating everything in sight this Christmas I have been going ham and I taken time off at the gym and today it is a few days after Christmas and I am so excited to get back in the gym today I am crazily excited and that is because I have some new workout to try people over active which is the name of the app reach out to me and I’m so excited to be working with them on this video because it’s freaking genius after there’s a non Damone audio fitness class app once you sign up to the app you can get online on demand audio fitness classes for cycling for yoga for meditation for outdoor running you name it virtually every workout that you could possibly want they have an audio fitness class for and the best part is the people over active have given all my viewers a free 30-day membership if you guys use the coupon code that’s down below so yeah I’m about to head into the gym now I decide to go to the gym because I just need to get out the house for this workout although it could be done at home but I just need to like get that extra motivation and I’m so ready to try this out I’m so excited I’m actually today going to be doing the total body trainer by JD McFadden this is a 20-minute one because I’m trying to ease myself and gently back to the gym after the Christmas holidays and I love it because the trainer is super friendly super motivating it’s like having that motivating best friend in your hair in your headphones I am so much the gym that always has my headphones on so this is perfect for me there’s not only just talking the whole time there’s music along with it too this one’s really good it has like EDM and how deep is your love you know that Calvin Harris song I can’t put it in here because I’ll get a copyright strike but it’s amazing choose the workout that you want to do you put in your headphones and basically they guide you through an entire workout start to finish if you see those classes at your gym that basically is what is in this app they have all these different training classes by actual fitness trainers so far so good I should tell me what to do there’s music she keep you motivated let’s do the workout warm-up step so I’m only going to show you snippets of the workout oh my god this exercise with a killer it’s great for your core I was struggling so hard this particular workout also had a lot of floor exercises incorporated into it using a yoga mat also it could be done at home I mean there were toe touches with you guys know a one of my favorite ab workouts as it is this was also a new exercise for me I seen people do them before these supermans and you do them basically she’s telling me when to go up and go down on the app which is great so I don’t have to worry about timing but these are actually really good too I’ve never done them and I really want to start incorporating them more so of course what is any work out without your basic squat I love squatting you guys know this about me but till you drop I [Music] love how throughout the workout the trainer doesn’t just leave you there there are some intervals and gaps where the music is just playing but she is very motivating in your ear reaffirming that if you want to quit which I know sometimes when you just start working out you do that there’s what the option to quit it’s essentially like having that personal trainer or that little bug in your ear telling you you can do this you got this keep going guys look at my hair that was an awesome workout in the full body and put this on a lot of core workout I gotta go stand by the spam per second my last time she was really motivated literally when I was on the workout I had to stand by that major huge industrial fan I was sweating like I cannot even tell you I was sweating it was a good workout hey guys today I figured I would try another app tip workout i’m going to try one of their outdoor running programs because some of the snow is cleared up i’m not going to head to the gym today you guys know i’m not a huge cardio bunny anymore but after Christmas and all that’s what I’ve been eating I could stand to lose a pound or two and this is going to be great this one here interval experience with Jessica monster sounds promising I’m going to check the info I like there’s an info so it tells you a little bit about the workout you’re going to do so I definitely wanted to include that little clip that was actually from active directly I could include that one because there weren’t any copyright songs in but that is kind of how your trainer sound for a peppy and uplifting will find the right words there’s no way this is real life there’s no telling you’re the right girl noise for me running is definitely the exercise where I have to push myself and tell myself not to stop to keep going I really need the most motivation with running so it’s great to have the personal trainer on this outdoor run program whether we’re walking intervals as you’ll see here but she was there pushing me on which is definitely what I need to be motivated in a run so I really really like the outdoor running and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be [Music] actually not bad at all I liked that trainer I like that there was walking intervals with the running so it was high intensity interval training there was music so I was able to actually keep up with it was a great beginners workout and I am loving active I think it’s so cool a lot of you guys say what other workouts other than the ones I post on my channel can you do and if you guys sign up for that 30-day free membership and you guys can do a whole bunch of classes so i’m really thankful that app to reach out to me because i totally i’m gonna be using this i’m so upset i think it’s so cool and i had to share with you guys and I’m gonna go inside and eat because I’m pooped and I love you guys thank you guys so much for watching

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