Weight loss Update 2017 with Body Measurements

hey guys welcome back to my channel happy new year I’m really excited about this year like you guys cannot believe how many goals I set for myself I want to approach this with a positive attitude and that’s exactly what I’m doing going to be taking my measurements for the new year so I can have a benchmark today’s the measurement day I have had one successful week of clean eating and working out so I’m really excited about my results and here to share them with you guys for those of you who have been following me on Instagram you know that I’ve started doing weight training have seen successful cardio but I find that right after I stop my intensive cardio I put the weight right back on I want to attempt something that will have longer lasting results and I’ve been doing a ton of research and unless you guys know that building muscle is the way to go and I’m going to explain that to you guys in this video I’m very excited about everything that I’ve learned and I know that it will help you guys at this journey is not going to be a short journey it’s actually going to be a span of much of this year from now until my 25th birthday which is when I hope to be close to my goal of 150 pounds I know that in my first video I think I was like 224 pounds after starting my job I actually gained some weight and maxed out at 237 and I’ve lost 5 pounds since then so I’d say I’m around 233 I’m not too sure what my weight is and that’s another thing that I want to let you guys know I am NOT going to be doing weight and I’m going to be doing measurements I feel like that’s a more realistic way to gauge how well I’m doing I highly recommend you guys getting a scale that measures your water percentage your body fat percentage and your muscle percentage because this will help you to get an idea of how you’re gaining the weight after each measurement on my scale it actually shows me the percentage of my water it shows me the percentage of my fat and also the percentage of my muscle I then can look at graphs in the app provided with my scale to show the increase of either muscle water or fat you’re not trying to lose muscle mass we are not trying to lose water in the fluctuation and weight it has to do with water and that’s not what I’m going for so the number on the scale is less important to me until the very end honestly because what I’m trying to get down is my body fat percentage I will be doing monthly plans not weekly lands monthly wins I must rather see a change in my physique than the number on the scale I feel like that’s a better way to tell if you’re making progress so I kind of wanted to show you guys going on here with my app you can see my weight the percentage of my fat and also the I think it’s my BMI well in addition to all of that at the very bottom it does show me my body age which is 39 what the heck my BMR which is how many calories that I burn without doing anything 1,221 calories it does these calculations based on my age my weight you can actually click on each of these and it will show you where your ranges so my bone mass is pretty good it looks like for my visceral fat which is the fat that’s around important organs like my heart my liver my kidney that way that fat is extremely high as you can see it’s like all the way in the red zone so that’s what I’m trying to decrease because that’s pretty dangerous and then it also shows my water so looks like I am on the low end of green currently which means I need to increase my water intake so that’s something that I’ll be talking to you guys about it shows my muscle and I have been doing a lot of muscle training guys like I’m on the low end of the green so I’m trying to get in the dark green and it really breaks down the components of your weight which I feel is more important than anything honestly because we’re trying to lose fat here so I wanted to show you guys the graph has my weights and different points weight as I told you might not always be fat it could be water it could be muscle so you want to make sure your phone seeing the weight loss and the fat section not and the muscle or water because those are things that are essential for a healthy body I wanted to scroll back to December 6 when I weighed myself at my heaviest and I was 237 pounds this was after I started my job and kind of fell off the bandwagon again so sorry my average muscle was 24% and also I wanted to bring attention to my fat which was sixty four point two percent crazy when I scroll to my last weigh-in which was on the sixth of this month you can see that my muscle mass has increased and that my average fat percentage has decreased which is really important and really what I care about with me doing weight training I do want to see an increase in my muscle mass which is exactly what is happening this is really you know why I encourage you guys to get a skill that kind of breaks down your weight into the components that way you see where you’re actually losing the weight muscle actually helps you to burn calories without doing anything water is B secret all of this is science guys and the reaction water is required to burn fat drill that into your brain I’ll have enough water it holds down the reaction and you can do as much work as you want to do but you’re not going to burn the fat water is needed and the chemical reaction to burn fat that’s why people say when they start drinking a lot of water miraculously they start losing a lot of weight and that’s because water is in the chemical reaction of fat burning what happens to your fat when it burns it is not in your poop it is not in your pee you exhale your fat by breathing it out as co2 so the more breathing you do during your workout the more fat you are burning the compounds and the fat are broken down through heat water and of the reaction results in gas which is co2 and water through your sweat and through gas that’s where the fat is going I also want to be breathing really well when you workout that’s just to ensure you know all your muscles get enough oxygen and in addition to that that is the fat leaving your bodies that’s why cardio was really really good and getting your heart rate up cardio does not always have to be done and runni I get my cardio and by jump roping because that’s what I like to do it’s very intense I don’t have to workout for hours and hours and hours to burn calories and I do weight training that is what has been working for me and I want to let you guys know you don’t have to do something you hate to work out I like jump roping so that’s what I’m doing move more in addition to all of this I’m getting my Fitbit because I really want to know the amount of calories that I’m burning when I was in college I got the Fitbit flex and the way that’s a clamp on that one work didn’t work for the environment I was in I went to Georgia State University and it was really busy all the time people are always brushing up against you during change up classes so I lost my Fitbit like two times and then threw in the towel during that time I was so healthy guys like I was on it I got my steps in I got my water in the app makes you want to do things that are healthy and also it lets you compete with friends so once I get my Fitbit I’m not really sure how to work the app but I feel like that is going to be B fill in for the group mean that I wanted to have because when I started the group me it wasn’t interactive and I definitely want to form where everyone can contribute and encourage each other to keep going having different challenges you know throughout the week to keep everyone losing weight is more important to me than writing what I’m doing and a group means oh if you’re so interested in having some sort of interactive weight loss journey I highly recommend a Fitbit they have different trackers and all different price points to fit anyone’s budget as low as $50 to $200 so whatever fits your budget you can get investing in your health is the most important way to go really between the Apple watch and the Fitbit but I decided on the Fitbit because it’s far more effective and tracking fitness than the Apple watch I know that Apple is like incorporating it but they’re not quite where the Fitbit is I had to go with the one that was more effective for what I was trying to do right now if you guys you know are trying to look for cheaper options eBay is the way to go you can win bids lots of people got Fitbit for Christmas but they didn’t want those things so they’re on eBay I highly recommend you guys going there and checking it out if you want to get one at a more affordable price let me know if you’re interested in joining fee Fitbit friend zone or whatever I don’t even know what they call it but that’s the way that I want to interact with you guys because I feel like that’s a way for all of us to reach success by actually doing something reading things about other people doesn’t get you to where you want to go so I feel like this is a way to actually get everyone moving and all of us excited about you know winning competitions and things like that if you’re someone that likes reading about you know people’s journeys and successes you can check out my weight loss Instagram which is fat girls anonymous girls with a Z that’s basically where I’m going to share my day to day struggles successes I wanted to encourage myself uh so I did buy myself a gift and they are these sneakers I’m not like a sneaker head or anything I don’t know what they’re called but but I just know that I really love those sneakers with like the strap at the back I thought that was so cute I really didn’t like how bulky they were like the original ones but they’re the Rouge’s or four ooh cheese or something but they’re kind of bulky in the front but these are like the athletic version of the shoes um I think they’re like the air zero one or something definitely link the sneaker heads are rolling over in their chairs right now laughing at me I just love the style of these sneakers also got them and Wyatt these occures are so comfortable for my weight lifting and also when I jump rope so I highly recommend these sneakers I love them right onto my measurements this is not easy for me guys by any means this is something that I really really really would have prefer to do on my own obviously I don’t have that little power so I have to share this I’ve been doing really good and I’m really proud of myself this was the first week that I did not do any cheat meals and I actually worked out every single day this is not going to be a fast journey I have ten months to do this my 25th birthday is October 18th so when May I’m actually going on a cruise with some of my friends I would like to be in the hundreds by May I am updating regularly on Instagram I am updating on YouTube as often as I can’t believe it or not these short videos that YouTube actually take 10 hours of filming work editing work so it’s very very difficult for me to do that with my schedule but I’m doing my very very best to try and make this consistent hoping that the production time will decrease but right now that’s where I met and it’s just a bit difficult I know a lot of times you guys see my face and my face doesn’t really reflect like how big I truly am so I want you guys to like see the rules I want you guys to see that bye I’m here right in the same boat it can get anybody there’s no reason for us to be women our prime overweight unhappy only get nine years of your 20s it’s so important for me to be happy in the last four years and get to my goal by 25 all of that requires self-discipline and the support of you guys the support of my family I’m just so thankful for everything I’m just grateful for so much in 2017 and I’m so excited about this year and sharing this journey with you guys so October 18th is when I hope to be at my goal of 150 really really hoping that you guys won’t judge my roles or anything this is so embarrassing I can’t believe I’m about to do this like oh my gosh okay well this is my belly guy why am i sucking it like I I can’t hide it this is my belly right now I miss you I used to have a shape I don’t know where it is it’s somewhere it’s not here I don’t think I have a waist anymore maybe I should measure I like each roll or something goodness 38 the smallest part is 38 guys I’m gonna measure like right here where this like kind of roll starts and that measurement is 40 let’s say 45 and a half I want to say I feel like right at my bellybutton it’s a good place to be I don’t know so let’s just do that 46 my hip measurements is 52 I feel like I can’t really do my best measurement on camera because I feel like with a bra they’re kind of compressed so that’s not really a true measurement so I will be doing my bust measurement off-camera the bust measurement right here I’m gonna go ahead and measure my arms 14 and a half inches of our meats when my neck doesn’t have like these compartments whole jelly rolls I know like okay I’m starting to lose weight let’s see my neck is 15 inches which is interesting because my boyfriend’s neck is a lot smaller than that so does that mean that I have a manly neck I want to see if my face wins its engine like going through the cheek to cheek 22 and a third Oh my thighs how could I forget my thighs the board the center of my thigh is 32 inches calf muscles was 19 inches in very interesting measurements Oh guys um like I said my goal this time is to lose inches when you cheat on your diet you are cheating yourself you’re not eating anybody can do this you can do this you can do this and please do not go through your 20s overweight you make sure that you do this for you it’s about making life changes this year I’m hoping that after this month I’ll still feel like this but I really am excited so thank you guys so much for the support I love all of you guys so much and I look forward to connecting with you

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