funny everyone it’s me Tasman how are you guys doing today today’s video is going to be about weight loss tricks and tips and kind of something that all girls or all people need to know but specifically girls because that’s what we do here that’s what we do it all right so these are just tips and tricks that I personally know that I want to share with you guys because I’ve been getting a lot of questions at schools about to start soon and a lot of people want to know how they can lose some weight before school starts or they want to get in shape before school starts and not very many people know exactly how to do it and I don’t know exactly how to do it either to be honest but I do have lots of tips and tricks that have been working for me and that I know if you guys know about will help you and work for you so I wanted to make this video share with you guys exactly what you need to do to lose that weight burn that fat get in shape and feel positive and great about yourself weight loss is a journey it’s not something that happens overnight it’s not something that happens in a week you will see progress after the first week if you do follow these tips and tricks you will see a significant weight loss if that’s what you’re trying to go for or you will reap the benefits and you will notice all of that in one week of doing all of this stuff so if you want to know how to get your shit together and know one week this is the video for you and let’s get right on into it quickly before I start I just want to say if you are new here make sure you get that subscribe button because I have lots of videos like this coming and I have lots of videos like this already on my channel if you want to check them out this is all new information so you’re actually curious and you actually give a shit keep on watching and yeah hit that subscribe it that like comment below and support your girl you know so for this video I wrote everything down because I didn’t want to forget anything at all I want to make sure I’m giving you guys accurate and correct information and I did my damn a research alright so I’m gonna give you guys five really important tips and ways to improve your health in one and these will actually help you so number one is tracking your daily caloric intake so that word caloric comes from calories calories are actually just little pockets of energy and you need them to survive and you need them to function and you need them to operate bust there are only a certain amount that you need for your body for your size for your gender and other factors involved for living day to day so how many calories do you need a day you probably are curious because you burn a certain amount of day just chillin living breathing sleeping walking when your organs are working and physical exercise also helps burn more calories so technically you need to know how many calories you need and how many you burn and how many you’re going to eat that day to figure that out I have posted a link it’s gonna be the first link in the description it’s just a website you don’t have to use that website I literally get nothing from it at all it’s just a website that I think is pretty legit works really well for calculating your caloric intake and all you have to do is go on that site you put in your gender you put in your weight and you put in your height and it will give you how many calories you need to eat that day depending on your activity level so if you’re very active it will tell you how many you need to stay at the weight that you are at if you are not active at all it will let you know how many calories you need obviously the more active you are the more calories you’re gonna want to consume if you want to stay the same way but if you want to drop weight you’re gonna have to eat less calories than you are burning that day for example if I burned 1500 calories a day just doing breathing and not going to the gym mine I’m gonna want to eat around 1,500 calories just to stay the same weight because I’m not burning any and I’m not losing any you just want to eat at a deficit and you can do this by eating less food you can do this by cutting out junk food that’s taking up a lot of calories of you know the day you want to make sure you’re getting in good calories which have a lot of protein carbs healthy fats nutrients vitamins and all that good stuff you want to make sure you’re actually feeding your body fuel and not just empty calorie you want to make sure those calories are actually full of nutrients that your body is going to appreciate and use to build muscle tone out and reduce the amount of fat that you have so everything comes down to this calories in and calories out equals how much you are going to weigh I hope this makes sense I know that it’s a little bit confusing but basically you just want to make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories and you can click the link below to find that out and you track your calories you can always just track them on the back of the Nutrition Facts it’ll tell you how many calories are in a serving how big a serving is and you could track that using a calculator or the app that I love to use that I’ve been using is my Fitness Pal and I just track everything on here I just literally track everything like whether I eat Starbucks or buy a you know microwave popcorn like that’s when I have today a bunch of stuff like that no matter what I eat I trap it in here and I’ll track my calories but more importantly don’t track my nutrition so might the nutrition will tell me how much protein carbs fiber sugar fat nutrients and things like that that I’ve had that day so I have goals for each of my nutrients and that will kind of help you pick a goal as well for what you would want I think if you’re building muscle and trying to lose weight you should have a lot of protein because that’ll help you build up your muscle and repair it what you know you’re going to the gym or you’re working out carbs are great for energy before the gym or even after the gym but they are a really great source of energy low carb diets are not the way to go but you definitely want to reduce the amount of carbs that you’re eating if you’re eating a lot because that will make it difficult for you to lose weight if you are eating too many and of course you want to make sure that you have your veggies and your healthy fats and your nutrients and stuff like that and like I said My Fitness Pal will definitely help you and I’ll link that below so you guys know everything you know what’s going on the second tip that I have for you guys is positive thinking and confidence and this is something that I’m going to be making a whole new video on because there’s so much to say about this and there’s so many things that I want to personally say about this that I don’t just have enough time to put in this video because I want this video to be more weight and gym and healthy lifestyle oriented but confidence extends way past that stuff and it actually improves your life in so many ways and my motto is fake until you make it make sure that you know you put yourself first and you invest in yourself and you give yourself the confidence that you need to get shit done let yourself know that you can and you will accomplish your goals there’s nothing that’s unattainable here and you are perfectly capable of getting this stuff done put yourself first invest in yourself and make these things happen think about the future how will you feel how will you look and how will you carry yourself in two months from now if you stick with your bull positive thinking and confidence go a long long way especially with weight loss and especially with achieving the body of your dreams you don’t you think positively and you need to know that you can do it and there’s nothing holding you back other than yourself and everything that’s going on up here if you don’t want to go to the gym it’s up here if you don’t want to eat clean it’s up here you need to think positively and you will radiate positivity and you will get what you want in your life and with that being said in Reverse positive thinking will also come from eating clean going to the gym and you know setting those goals and getting that stuff done it’s all gonna go to your brain and you’re gonna feel amazing so positive thinking is gonna take you guys from wanting to achieve your goals to actually achieve your goals there’s so many ways to promote positive thinking and I’m gonna have a whole new video on that and confidence and yeah stay tuned for that because that will be amazing and that will help a lot my third tip is very important and that is consuming water h2o if you will just that clear stuff that comes from the top or if you want to be fancy you can go get a water bottle get yourself some Evian bish I love that be on everyone’s so good all you need is plain old tap water that’s all you need that and a little bit of healthy eating in combination with some working out is going to transform your whole entire life not only is it gonna clear out your skin it’s gonna just cleanse the toxins from your body it’s gonna get rid of any unwanted water weeds and it’s going to make you feel so much better about everything drink your glass when you wake up to get your metabolism going your being water in the morning actually speeds up your metabolism by 30% and drinking water ovale overall even if it’s not in the morning will speed up your metabolism tip for that would be getting a cute nice water bottle I have a pretty cute water bottle I have three or four of them and I just you know get bored of them so I changed it up but it’s a really great way of wanting to carry around the water bottle with you and you know carrying a bottle around means you will probably be sipping on some water another tip that you can use is making your water pretty keep getting some pretty water putting some strawberries in there you know putting some lemons in there any kind of fruit that you want I think will definitely make you want to drink that water because it will be gorgeous and it will taste amazing and it will kind of give it a little bit like a lemonade vibe you can basically use whatever you want but you know making some pretty water the night before storing it in your fridge and grabbing it the next day to chug is never a bad idea whatever I have some extra fruit around the house I love to do that and another tip for that is marking your water bottle mark it halfway and put the time on there for when you want to be able to drink half the water bottle if it’s like a big bottle I would mark it halfway and be like you know if I got up at nine I want to finish this by twelve I want to finish this much by one and two and that way you have a goal that’s actually achievable and that you can see visually in your head and I’m a visual learner so I know I know that it can be helpful so drinking water is amazing for your body amazing for your mind amazing for your health and it’s very important if you want to have an active healthy lifestyle so make sure you get your damn water girl so much fourth tip has to do with your diet like I said you want to make sure you have the proper amount of calories in your diet and you want to make sure that with these calories you are getting the proper amount of macronutrients so macronutrients meaning like I said before protein carbs fats vitamins all that good stuff you want to make sure you have a lot of protein because that is the building blocks of your muscles like I said before carbs will give you the energy to fuel your workouts and make you you know feel alive and tip for this is don’t get boring and don’t get repetitive you don’t have to have a chicken breast with a side of steamed vegetables every night for dinner I barely ever have that kind of food you want to make sure you add like natural spices flavors to your food spice it up I’m definitely gonna do a what I eat in a day I’m actually gonna be filming that tomorrow I have Starbucks almost every single day and I’m losing weight I eat basically what I want it’s all about one little secret and that is portion control all you have to do is control your portion sizes if you eat a fuck ton of Doritos a day just bring it down to less Doritos a day portion control and serving sizes are very important when it comes to weight loss you can be eating a shit ton of healthy food and you will still not be losing weight because you are eating too many calories making sure you have the right amount of calories and making sure that you have your portions controlled and enough food for your brain your mind and your body is what it’s all gonna come down to regardless of exercise abs are made in the kitchen you guys so make sure you’re eating the right stuff with the right amount and you’ll pretty much be set all you have to do is look at the serving size on the back look at what’s offered what cat what kind of calories are on there what kind of macronutrients are on there and see if it’ll fit into your daily food that’s literally all you have to do and try to get a lot of protein don’t go overboard but just try you know putting a little bit of extra protein have a have a protein shake if you want it’s just all comes down to what you want to do but yeah make sure that you are having the right amount of portions my last tip which is honestly very very important like all these tips are important but this one is one of the top three important ones I would say is sleep a lot of people don’t realize that if you’re not sleeping enough everything is gonna go down hill literally everything being tired results in a dull brain having a dull brain means that you’re not out of eight you don’t really care to go to the gym it’s not really your priority you’re also gonna be eating a lot more because of various reasons you’re gonna feel like you’re dependent on coffee or caffeine for your energy jerilyn and leptin are two hormones that are affected by lack of sleep and these actually have everything to do with your hunger marilyn is a hormone that actually stimulates your brain and lets it know when it is time to eat being sleep-deprived affects this negatively because it over produces this hormone and it makes you want to eat more so get your sleep on the other hand leptin is a hormone that tells your brain I want to stop eating and this is also over produced with lack of sleep which means you don’t really know when to stop eating and you won’t stop eating because your lack of sleep is bugging and dulling your memory and mind more importantly cortisol is a stress hormone that is affected by lack of sleep and when you have lack of sleep your stress levels go up because cortisol is released like a motherfucker all right this causes you to be stressed cranky have less energy and honestly that’s just overall bad vibes you don’t want to start your day with bad vibes because nothing good is gonna come from that make sure you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sick guys I mean I wouldn’t go much more than that but seven to eight hours is the ideal amount for you know adults and older individuals make sure you’re getting that amount and make sure when you get up in the morning you have a nice little routine to yourself do what you need to do and get your active healthy lifestyle on one so those were my tips on how to you know kind of step up your weight-loss game and how to kind of make those changes and at least within a week if you start incorporating these changes you will see a major major difference to your lifestyle so I really want you guys to bear that in mind and try some of these things because they’re only going to be positive good changes in your life healthy lifestyle and weight loss goes far beyond just the gym and diet it’s a cold mental process and I would love to make more and more videos about this stuff because I’ve actually grown and changed as a person and how I look at physical fitness and how I look at a healthy lifestyle so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure you show me some love by liking subscribing and leaving some comments below and I will see you guys very shortly in finance video

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