[UltraVid id=100 ]hey guys KZ Fitness okay Kirsten welcome back to my channel I hope you guys have all had a fabulous Christmas because I know I did I recently went to Mexico on a surprise last-minute vacation which was fabulous so I haven’t uploaded a video mainly for that reason and my apologies this video is going to flow with most of the videos on my channel because they’re the most popular weight loss tips so it is 2017 right we all want to come up with new goals we all want to get fitter fitter want to get healthier we want to look better blah blah blah so I’m here just to give you a couple weight loss tips and tricks and how to get over fears of going to the gym but look at this got me some protein good just kidding I don’t like protein powder and nothing [Music] mm-hmm Oh No so first off you guys you want to lose weight you gotta drink water that is key try and cut out your pops your juices all lots of energy drinks try and replace it with water if you s can have eight to ten glasses a day you’ll be golden it’s super awesome Detox’s flushes your system so how they recommend that super super easy now if you guys have not dieted before or you’re new to this whole thing cut down your portion sizes that is going to help with weight loss if you’re used to eating a bunch of fries and burgers don’t see I’m going to cut it all out just cut it in half so that means you can still get a burger cut it in half cut half of fries and just eat half and you can bring the other half for tomorrow or for next week now clearly I recommend chicken key walk quinoa and broccoli but not everyone’s like that not everyone starting off like that not everyone wants to eat that and not everyone’s body is the same so you got to keep that in account and do what works for you don’t deprive yourself at all from what your body is telling you you want if you want sugar instead of grabbing a chocolate bar grab a banana or grab some strawberries or frozen blueberries so just try and cut portion sizes in half and uh replace the unhealthy foods for healthier options dos no since it came from Mexico I’m speaking a little bit of espanol and if I said that wrong move on because cuz I’m not Spanish but um yeah so number two is going to just be trying to get your cardio in clearly weights are important as well but if you’re a first time go where out the gym I highly recommend just starting off with cardio especially if you have a ton of weight to lose that’s what I did when I first started losing weight was started off with cardio got myself in to my weights afterwards and you do lose a lot of weight from cardio it’s not fun put in some music watch some YouTube video those do something to kill the time number three trace was that good um is basically make it fun make your workouts fun don’t don’t be bored don’t be late ha I gotta go run again five miles oh my god go do some tyre flipping go do some hit training so high-intensity interval training make it fun make it interesting change it up do your thing don’t be doing the same stuff every single day because I promise you will get bored about the beginning the key is success in this long-term success so clearly we want to have fun when we’re doing it so you want to go back the next day tres dos tres Quatro for number four um is going to be confidence now especially it’s really hard to start off and be confident in the gym especially of it if you haven’t really gone and you’re like it’s a new year all these new these gym monkeys aren’t going to want me at the gym walk in there like you’ve been going there for months okay so that basically what is up basically that means walk in put your music in ignore everyone well don’t be rude but just like count attune everyone out this is you time this is to make your goals come true let’s just get you one step closer put it in envision what you want to look like in six months a year a few months a few weeks and then just strive for that number five don’t sell yourself short so if you feel like you can do another set or another rep do it because every rep set a minute of cardio does count when you’re trying to make yourself better number six is going to be your diet now no one wants to hear this but it’s super important it is 80% of success in weight loss and or becoming healthier looking better it that’s just kind of what you need it’s not like you can eat McDonald’s every single day and workout once a while and look really really good the people on Instagram who show you all these cheat meals all the time are bullshitting you sorry it’s fake if they’re really fit probably eating chicken and rice every day if they’re really fit and they swear by eating junk food all the time then they probably have less genetics but you know 99% of the world is not like that so just try and eat healthier do you’re tons and tons of research I’m gonna do armless self promo right now if you guys are in need of a coach or a personal trainer I do offer online sessions as well as in-person chat sessions in Edmonton and surrounding area so basically I offer it on KZ Fitness comm or flex pass reality comm both of them are kind of my company one is more more around my KZ fitness and one is more really company based and it’s all on scientific training it’s all on research evidence biomechanics of the body so everything is 100% legit and it’s super customized the prices are pretty affordable I do want to help as many people as I can um anyways number seven if I’m not mistaken number seven is sleep get your sleep in I know nobody wants to sleep and it’s kind of one of those things where you like don’t eat it rather be on my phone I’ll sing all night all night but don’t do it get at least eight or more hours of sleep I’m literally a child I go to bed at 8 p.m. and get 5 or around 450 ish and I love it I feel great if I if I don’t go to bed till midnight I feel like crap and it’s it’s not kids now per se is not good thing guys but um yeah get your sleep in so good and number eight first success write down your goals and look at them every single day and I mean that every single day if you want to compete look at that every single day for me I have a board in my room and it basically lays out my goals and what I’m gonna do and how I’m going to accomplish them and I I do love seeing that in the morning it definitely helps put you in a positive mindset for the day so make sure you write them down and also don’t let anyone say you can’t do it if you want to lose a hundred pounds in a year make it work do it healthy don’t take crazy fat burners those do not work guys um I would never ever ever promote something I didn’t stand besides that’s why I don’t really promote anything in general uh but I want you guys to be healthy I want to see you succeed so if you have not already please subscribe down below I’m going to be uploading more videos as I set more subscribers if you liked this if you liked this and you want to see more weight loss tips tricks or if you want to see me working out in the gym getting my groove on then give this big a thumbs up and yeah leave a comment below and like I say in all my videos don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all we have so much hate in this world and not as needed here b-positive love one another if your jib monkey already like me welcome the newbies in don’t be a little but be welcoming be friendly be happy it’s a new year new you know why it literally is you are able to accomplish anything and if you fall off the bandwagon get right back on don’t want anything step in your way I hope you all have a fabulous day

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