My Weight Loss Journey I How I lost 270lbs naturally in less than 16 months

[UltraVid id=99 ]what’s up guys my name is Lexie or a lot of you know me has fat-girl fed up I wanted to make a video to kind of answer a few questions and tell my story a little bit you know I get asked a lot how I lost weight what was the click moment why I decided to change what I ate you know just all sorts of questions so I wanted to tell you guys that a little bit further so on January 1st of 2016 my best friend challenged us to me and my husband you know wasn’t just me but she challenged us to no eating out no cheat meals cooking everything at home no alcohol and working out four to five times a week as a New Year’s resolution so for the first month and I didn’t he added all that first month you know I made everything and I don’t even like cooking so I was constantly learning and learning what foods I liked and taking the foods that I loved before and making healthy versions of them and that way I didn’t feel like I was deprived and I was still able to eat the foods that I wanted and after that first month you know it really became a lifestyle so I started doing cardio on the elliptical was my goal for just 30 minutes a day four to five times a week just depending on how I felt because obviously you know I weighed 485 pounds so that wasn’t an easy feat for me so even if I was walking basically on the elliptical or taking breaks in between or I never got off the machine I just I was so determined to get that 30 minutes done and I did so that’s really where I started you know there are so many reasons why I wanted to lose weight I wanted to be able to have kids with my husband in the future and be a good mom and keep up with my children and have a healthy pregnancy I wanted to be able to go hiking with my husband on walks with my husband ride a bike you know ride rollercoasters be able to do all these things that you’re not able to do when you are overweight even walking was the tour you know so there are so many reasons that I wanted to lose weight there wasn’t just one quick moment just because everything just kinda added and I was just fed up with where I was and I was so ready to change so I just decided that this was my last chance and I was gonna fight for my life and I was gonna stop making excuses and I started working out and I started seeing results it probably took me you know obviously you didn’t gain all that weight overnight you’re not gonna see results right away and you’re not gonna lose all your weight in a day so it took me probably about three weeks I would say before I really saw results and once I did I just kind of became addicted you know food was my form of therapy before and I fell in love with working out instead of loving just to eat for no reason basically you know we would spend so many nights just sitting on the couch eating Netflix or using flicks watching Netflix and not talking and whenever we started working out we basically traded our night on the couch or the genom and we didn’t look back you know I didn’t miss sitting on the couch at night just watching TV doing nothing I enjoyed going to the gym with my husband having conversations while we’re walking you know just being more active together so I just decided that enough was enough and I was ready to change my life and I decided I was going to work hard for every single day I didn’t have a trainer I didn’t have a meal plan I didn’t know about cooking I didn’t know about nutrition I didn’t have any surgery and he pills anything like that you know I’m just your average girl that was fed up and ready to change and I was willing to learn every single day I focused on every single day ahead of me not the 300 pounds that I had to lose because that would have overwhelmed me so I think that really helped me because I didn’t feel like I had such a long way to go and after all those days you know 30 days passed and I was like oh I’ve lost like I think the first month I lost 23 pounds and it’s just crazy like how much we are capable of once we just hop as human beings decide what we want to do and the amount of you know weight that I’ve lost I never expected to have lost 224 pounds the first year 200 and many pounds as of today I think it’s April 21st like it blows my mind it’s crazy it’s just crazy so that’s kind of where I started that’s kind of where I am right now I currently weigh about 214 pounds I don’t have a certain goal weight 220 it was the first place that I wanted to be before I could assess where I wanted to go because I have never been this size before growing up I was always overweight when my husband met me when I was 16 I think I weighed at least 300 pounds so he’s never even told me this size before so every day is a challenge you know every day I’m just focusing on getting healthy and my life has changed so much and I’m a different person mentally and physically and there’s so much more stuff that I can do now so I’m never going back to that life you know I’ve been on both sides I’ve been on the side of obesity and I’ve been on the side of you know I’m not skinny skinny but I’m a lot healthier than I was and I can honestly say that I am living such a better happier healthier life as the new me so anybody can do this I was just a girl that was fed up with living a life being a prisoner in her body and I wasn’t you know an expert chef or a cook I’m not a nutritionist although I would like to be I there’s nothing like crazy special about me that somebody else can I do the same thing that I did and change their life the way that I have it just takes motivation you know discipline determination there’s gonna be sacrificed blood sweat and tears in the gym but everything is worth it to live the life that you want and to be the person that you can be the best version of yourself so start today you guys can follow me on instagram it’s fat girl fed up or Facebook and I also started a blog to document all my summer adventures it is fat girl fed up calm so hopefully that helps you guys understand where I’m coming from a little bit more and how I started and will motivate you to start your own journey thanks

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