[UltraVid id=95 ]how’re you guys doing out there just carry with abstract wellness I’m going to talk to you guys today about a very gentle subject that has them in news actually it’s been a quiet it’s been around for quite a while but more recently in the news being that there were a number of events surrounding people inflicted with various mental illnesses and that’s going to be the topic of discussion for today please remember that any information that we talk about in any of these segments or at your discretion whether or not you would like to take my advice it is recommended that you seek the advice of your specific medical doctor physician pathologist what-have-you whoever that you see on a professional basis in regard to your medical care and anything that’s discussed in this videos at your discretion whether or not you choose to follow it or take me up on any advice is solely at your discretion again my name is Carey Bryant and I’m here with the abstract wellness giving you a little information about health and wellness from a different point of view from a natural holistic point of view and I just wanted to point out that a lot of discussion has recently turned to mental illness regarding individuals that have been in the news recently and a lot of people that have come across my past recently I just spoke with a young lady this evening in regards to this same topic and it keeps coming up over and over and over again there are a lot of people out there that are dealing with these issues thinking that there is no help for them other than a drug or prescription that’s given to them by a medical professional a neurologist etc and a lot of people do not want or do not prefer to be on medication because of the adverse reactions or effect that it have on one’s body mental state I can go on and on and on and it’s quite sad I’m just going to say this get my opinion out at the beginning of this segment it’s just very fast that we have a medical society that favors you know certain drugs that are more harmful to one’s health and mental state versus something that’s left harmful like a natural alternative and I just want everybody out there to know that if you or a loved one a friend a family member they’re they’re out there and they’re dealing with any mental illness isms and any mental issues there is hope there’s natural holistic things out there that will aid you and help you feel better versus something that you put in your body that may harm you even further than you’re being harmed I just wanna feel very strongly about that you have other countries out there you know outside of the united states that are prescribing holistic or herbal remedies for things such as this and a whole lot other you know ailments as well but here in the United States it’s just not an option right now so I’m here to tell you here to share some information with you I really hope that you take this information hard you research it if you can’t find the items that we’re going to discuss today please contact me I’m here for you via email you can contact me drop me a line I’ll be more than happy to assist you we’re going to start off today with a study that was done by Harvard Harvard Medical School and in October I think it’s October 2016 excuse me October 2015 research journal that they actually put out they faded that natural holistic therapy maybe safe or that they are safe and they’re effective for persons that are suffering from mental health issues and this is an October 2015 journal that they put out and this is Harvard this is a credible medical school so I do believe that there are more and more medical facilities medical associations that are looking at holistic treatment for not only mental health issues but a lot of other things as well the basis of medicine began with fruits and herbs and you know they’ve kind of gone away from that mean everything is being made in a laboratory and fabricated in a laboratory if you notice now you’ll see a new drug come out on the market and the drugs will say hey look at me is this a new drug this is what I can do for you however and commercial the man of the woman that talks over all of the the Venom’s you see the benefits and then they talk they say all the side effects I can go along with it you mesa from stroke you may have a heart attack you may have bleeding out of your eyes you may not be able to hear you may not be able to walk you may not be able to talk and that’s the norm that’s the norm when it comes to a lot of these not only new drugs but older drugs out there on the market as well so I wanted to touch base on mental health illnesses some of the issues that people have in not only people that display this information but people that also hide these issues as well they say you know they don’t want anyone to know that they’re suffering from these issues you know everybody has moments and times in their lives when they go through things things happen to them for you know unbeknown reasons and you know they just go through life it’s like you live life you go through life and you start thinking certain ways and certain things happen and you know someone is someone in the mud you in mind is an amazing thing we’re capable of amazing things but your mind can also be a nightmare if there’s a chemical imbalance that’s going on if there are things that you just can’t get past you become stagnant in life and a lot of times that has to do with what’s going on in your mind what are you thinking about how are you processing information and unfortunately some of the events that have taken place in our society and then the news have reflected on individuals that have dealt or we’re dealing with mental health issues so it is my belief that I have to speak about this I don’t know if these individuals that committed crimes or heinous acts if they were indeed on any type of a mental drug or anything like that dealing with the issues that they have or have had I don’t know that that was not known it wasn’t stated however I’m here to just give you some examples of some natural alternatives some natural things that will be able to help you this you or someone else that you know a loved one is suffering from any type of mental health issues any type of mental health issues there is a natural solution out there for you some of the mental health issues that we’re dealing with and this is just the tip of the iceberg you’ve got a lot of people to deal with anxiety and panic issues panic attacks panic disorders bipolar disorders depression depression is heavy there are a lot of people that you know they’re depressed for a lot of different reasons you know you can’t put your your finger on one and it’s not necessarily your fault it’s just something that happens when we deal with life you’ve got eating disorders you’ve got schizophrenia you’ve got substance abuse and addiction so when I when I name of these afflictions or these issues this it’s an epidemic because you have people that deal with this all the time and some people are able to seek out help and get the help that they need and then you have others that that can’t get that help they can’t they can’t reach out to someone they don’t know who to turn to or they’ve reached out in what their what they’ve been prescribed or what they’re taking is not working for them so just that short list that I named it’s pretty huge it’s pretty huge the people who are persons that deal with these type of disorders on a day to day basis it’s a it’s a big deal for them so I want to be able to give you some sort of an answer if you’re dealing with any one of those issues or something like it there is something natural out there for you there is something natural out there for you I don’t care if your doctor has given you something you can you can take something that your doctor has prescribed for you and say hey I want to go a more natural path the chances are your doctors going to look at you like you’re crazy as they excuse me what’s going on here I’ve given you this but deep down in your heart if you know that it’s not working or it’s working like and still don’t still like myself there’s a problem there’s a problem and one of the issues is when you go to the doctor nine times out of ten they’re going to want you to keep coming back they have to eat okay I’m coming from a profession that I know this I know this they have to eat too and they have to stay in business like I stated earlier this country is one of the only countries where they will not look into holistic or naturopathic solutions so with that said we’re going to go and dive into some of the issues that we covered some of the alternative medicines I call it natural Pathak medicines that you’ll be able to take that you’ll start so relief in regard to your afflictions or your issues whatever it is that you have and if you currently take any antidepressant medications or anything like that if you contact your physician and discuss these options with him or her they might tell you hey this is not a good idea for you or they might say hey yeah it’s a good idea let’s going ahead and let’s start you in there so you decide you want to take that and let’s monitor let’s monitor your dosage and you never know you might be weaned off of whatever it is that you’re taking or slowly the dosage decreasing dependent upon how you react to the naturopathic holistic options that are out there and this is only if you’re tired of not getting the results that you are seeking so the first thing I wanted to discuss discuss with you are the panic and anxiety disorders specifically lavender passion flower kava kava and valerian root these items work the reason why these items work is because lavender passion flower valerian root when kava kava decreased stress okay they decrease anxiety and they assist you in sleep now they also help you out with bipolar disorders and depression as well so you have a wide variety of things that you can take from a natural holistic point if you are dealing with something like anxiety panic attack disorders or things like that or bipolar disorders that strictly debts related to you your brain as well and just to give you a little clue on what this looks like this is what lavender looks like these are lavender flowers by the way they smell awesome some people use them in essential oils I like to make a tea out of it as well but there’s a lot that you can do with it as well this is what passion flower looks like looks like tea leaves but honestly it’s not all these herbs are different in their own right they all do different things and you get great great results this is valerian root and the first thing you look like a little powder I don’t know if you could pick up the color not like a tannish kind of color the first thing you’ll notice about valerian root is it has a distinctive smell once you smell valerian root you never forget it and a lot of people say to me you know my mom used to take valerian root or my grandmother used to take to learn the root and the reason why I know it that that’s what it was is because it used to smell like not so great but it works I know a lady that told me that her grandmother had 12 kids and the reason why she was calm even with 12 children was because she took the weary route every day and I can believe it it has great benefits the next thing I want to share with you is kava kava kava kava looks very similar to valerian root it’s in the same family it does not have that smell however kava kava has gotten bad press because they fail it was linked to some sort of a kidney failure incident and the thing is is if you abuse something even though it’s a root or an herb it’s powerful enough so that it is able to help you because of the properties that the herb or the root has it’s able to help you if you abuse something it will have an adverse effect on your body such as kidney failure or any other type of failure that you had I mean it’s possible for you to not take something in its rightful manner and then you suffer from it so this is one of the items where you have to be careful with it you really do and it’s just for your own good it’s just for your own good I also wanted to hit on things that are herbs that are related to maybe eating disorders st. John’s wort is a really really good herb for someone that’s dealing with eating disorders as well as camomile rhodiola and lavender we’ve already discussed lavender schizophrenia also st. John’s wort lavender and chamomile and they have the calming properties as well and for substance abuse and addiction st. John’s wort in real yoga and let me just show this really quick this is what st. John’s wort looks like the reason why I show you what the herbs look like is just in case if you want to pick these up for yourself I also carry these herbs on my website they’re not listed individually however I do recommend that you contact me if you need any type of a special custom mix I do that as well and let me show you what rhodiola looks like this is what it looks like looks like a little woodchips however it’s nothing like what chips just let you know and I’ve got some chamomile flowers and everybody knows what chamomile is it smells wonderful it relaxes you it puts you in a relaxed state it gets you ready for bedtime sometimes some people take it in the winter if it’s cold if it’s rainy they take it they feel better you know what have you but it is an awesome awesome thing to have in your cabinet also if you have any questions in regards to any of the items that we’re talking about today any of the herbs that I’ve shown you I’m able to acquire these herbs for you I’m able to put them into a mix for you depending on your specific issue drop me a line you can go to WWF stretch wellness comm send me an email let me know that you saw these herbs or the root on the YouTube video or you like to discuss other issues outside of the premixes that are listed on the website and they’ll be more than happy to assist you and if you have any specific questions about your specific condition as I stated earlier please contact your physician directly however if you would like any information about these specific I want to say cures because they do help a lot of people people that cannot sleep people that are dealing with disorders such as what we discussed earlier anxiety panic disorders depression and so forth please please please do not hesitate to give me a call I know that I’ve spoken with a mother as well that had an issue with her daughter and ADHD she didn’t want her child on the sister drug of Ritalin so I put something together for her and she basically said it was like night and day and I honestly believed the more that you can be non-chemical dependent upon these drugs that your doctors are writing for you you become a slave to that drug you need something if that doesn’t work then you need something else and these natural alternatives do work you have to be diligent and you have to give your body time to ingest these these solutions and also just give yourself time to to he’ll and it’ll work for you I honestly believe that if you have any questions or concerns give me a shoutout to Nepal demure ring like my web page like my Facebook page WWWF 3×1 is calm until I see you next time please please please be well and I’ll see you then

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