How to lose weight FAST | Weight loss before after transformation

hi guys welcome back so I gained a lot of weight after my marriage because my husband and I loved eating outside last year I decided to move all the extra weed and I lost 20 pounds in one and a half months by doing this diet strictly I gained a lot of weight again this year by eating unhealthy food so I thought of starting this diet again and I thought I’d share this video with you guys to motivate myself and anyone else out there so for my workout routine all I did was walk for an hour either outside or on the treadmill so basically I did a milk carb to super low carb diet for my breakfast I had two eggs in any style with a glass of green juice so for lunch the first option you have is zucchini pasta I’m gonna show you guys how I make it I chopped half and zucchini and use this machine that makes the noodles or you can use this paralyzer I’ll leave everything in the description box below so I just see I just sort of roll that thing and the zucchini turns into noodles or noodles and trust me you guys it tastes really good so once my noodles is ready I take a pan and I spray a little bit of spray oil you don’t really have to cook your noodles if you don’t want to but I kind of like it cooked so I take that put that on the pan and then I add some pasta sauce and I also like to add some egg whites and again that’s optional as well I let it cook for about 20 minutes and until it dries out a little bit because I like to dry so it all depends on how you like to eat it and yeah once it’s done once 20 minutes it’s done that’s what I eat for lunch and obviously I get bored so I switch it up sometimes sometimes I like eating something else so I’ll show you guys all the options I have the second lunch option is chicken cooked in any style with cauliflower rice this is the no crap to local diet you can’t have any rice bread sugar so as an alternative for the rice I have cauliflower I basically chop up some cauliflowers and I put it in my food processor to create a rice like texture so I basically use the chopped section there’s like 1/2 in the chopping section so I just use that and that’s just how it looks and honestly you guys it doesn’t taste too bad I mean like I’d rather have fast and just half that was in chicken it gets boring and again I use a little bit of spray oil on the pan this is optional and then I put the cauliflower and I let it cook for five to ten minutes for my third lunch option I had grilled or baked fish and salad or a dessert I had four days or three dates with green tea dinner is super boring I just had simple chicken salad no carb at all make sure you don’t have any kind of carp for dinner and have it three to four hours before you go to bed some tips for motivation number one check your weights daily and track it every morning I’ll lose a chart they can use in the description box below number two is to create a vision board of your ideal body and look at it every day and feel motivated when you look at it and number three is track your calorie intake by using any phone app number four let’s see weight loss weddings let’s get fit together talk about our struggles and keep each other motivated so that’s all for my video you guys if you guys have any questions comments or concerns please feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email and I hope this was helpful and I hope to see you guys in my next video you

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