How to lose weight – 5 Weight loss tips you probably never heard before –

[Music] [Music] what’s up y’all is Ralph and Big Finish I’m going to continue this fat loss tips or weight loss tips that you probably never heard before series I’m just keep that going so this is the third installment of that series um so the first technology shows you guys today is to absolutely get rid of the diet mindset like reject that word diet now technically the word diet applies to the way that everyone heaps like we all have some sort of that whether it’s a good diet or a bad diet whatever you eat is your diet but the word diet in the fitness industry has this negative in my opinion connotation where it involves you changing the way you eat super drastically or doing something crazy like only eating soup or not eating bread or in order to lose weight now the fitness industry is so flawed in a way that it sets people up for failure in the beginning and then when you fail you feel bad when they set your facility from the from get go get rid of the diet met the mindset you diets don’t work I mean typically they work to lose weight but if you want any long-lasting results and significant weight loss results you can’t achieve this by simply going on one of these quote-unquote diets you have to attack the problem from the root this is this is what I like to say I had to change my relationship with food period I had to reform my eating habits period I didn’t go on a diet I’ve done plenty diets I lost a lot of weight and 120 percent of the time I gained the weight right back so eliminate the word diet from from your repertoire period don’t say you’re going on a diet don’t ask about a diet just do research on nutrition become an expert on nutrition read every book figure out what works for you and eventually you’ll find a diet or way of eating or your develop eating habits that will either get you closer to your goals that will get you close to your goals or that will have you know you’ll find a way to maintain your weight you’ll be able to manipulate you’ll be able to eat based on whatever your particular goals are at the time instead of going on crash diets and failing every time tip number two get rid of timelines they’re bad news or I want to lose this amount of weight by this amount of time like alright now there are situations where I understand you have a wedding coming up or you’re going on vacation I typically don’t like that but I understand that that’s a part of people’s lives and I get it but in general if your goal and this should be a goal and goal should be optimal health it goes should be to feel great physically feel great about how you look like these should be your goals you shouldn’t have a number goal you shouldn’t have a timeline goal because what happens is when we have these timelines it puts this pressure on us and usually and I know I’m speaking from experience when there’s a timeline I think like okay once I eat less I’ll lose more weight faster like but it doesn’t work like that that actually is the opposite of how it works on but that’s a whole nother video so give it a timeline just take your time understand that dish look at it as a project for the rest of your life you have the rest of your life to achieve whatever this goal is and it’s way better to get an inch closer every single day then to take three foot steps every day to ultimately stop and take steps backwards I’d rather take a inch step every day consistently over the course of years two years three years four years that you’ll see way better results that way and if you take your time you’ll be able to slowly develop new habits that will allow you to sustain these results once you get them so get rid of timelines they’re bad news tip number three honor your hunger a lot of us we feel like and me included I used to think this that in order to lose weight you need to be hungry that’s absolutely false I’m never hungry and I was never hungry while I was once I started eating properly I was never hungry you should definitely get enough protein and carbs to keep your body satiated so that you do never have to feel hunger because honestly once you feel hunger you’ve taken a step backwards because at this point your primal biological system takes over and any attempt at modest eating is now out the window because now it’s like you’re by your survival mechanisms on kicking it kicking in and you’re just at this point like do I need to get caught I need to get sugar I need to get whatever it is that’s going to make this hunger go away and it kind of clouds your judgment it doesn’t allow you to make the best eating choices when you’re in this state so honor your hunger understand that you do not have to be hungry eat how you’re supposed to eat and I promise you will never be hungry while you’re trying to lose weight tip number four get rid of the restrictive month as humans we naturally are going to want things that we think we can’t have right so if you’re approaching your quote unquote diet telling yourself like I’m kidding well I can’t have cake or I can’t have this or I can’t have that like don’t approach it with that mindset do you want to eat a bunch of that stuff no absolutely not but your mindset the way you think about things the way you frame certain situations make oh it makes all the difference so can you yes you can have it but you are choosing not to because eating like this doesn’t align with your goals at the time but you can have it and even if you chose to have a little piece now I know that takes practice to develop the discipline in order that has a little bit of time I’m still working on that myself but just having the mindset that no I’m not restricting myself I’m just choosing to eat other things at this time and just that little shift in perspective that little shift in in mindset will change the way your body reacts in certain situations and it changes all it will change and eventually change your eating patterns tip number five think of your body as a very complex delicate machine right that requires a few different types of fuel in order to function optimally right if you just think about your body like that look at it food as fuel again I’m gonna go back to the point that you need to educate yourself on the body and the nutrition and how the the functioning of our bodies correlate to the nutrition it’s like a real system that when it’s done right you don’t crave that food all the time you don’t you have energy you have high energy levels you feel strong in the gym your sex life is better I guess so there’s so many there’s so many feedback mechanisms that you can look for that you can use to determine how you should be sealed in your body now this is different for every single person so look at your body is the machine that you need to fuel properly if you want to function properly and just know that if you don’t fuel it properly properly it will not function properly so you have to know what the right amount of fuel is for your machine I hope this was helpful to someone tell your friends to tell their friends to subscribe to the bracelet as you can I’m just here trying to share the Wellness with you guys so get well get money [Music]

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