How To Eat Healthy To Lose Weight Fast 2017 | How to Lose Weight in A WEEK 2017 | Tips For You

welcome to our channel now I am show you how to eat healthy to lose weight fast how to eat healthy and balanced meals smaller and frequent meals eat slowly das and don’ts never skip meals one healthy and balanced meals the meal should be healthy and complete choose right combination of food items that contain fast carbohydrates slow carbohydrates protein and essential fat the fast carbs metabolize quickly but for carbs metabolize slowly along with the combination of protein and essential fats regulates metabolism thereby blood sugar level and insulin level in a controlled manner thus body changes its state to fat-burning mode glycemic index value decides whether a food item is a fast carb or slow carb the food items with high glycemic index out of 100 considered as fast carbs and food items with low glycemic index considered as slow carbs to eat smaller and frequent meals avoid three times heavy meals and follow five or six times light meals it is better to choose three hour interval frequent light meals regulate blood sugar levels speed up metabolism feel youthful and give constant energy to the body 3 never ever skip meals if we skip meals what sugar level will decrease and metabolism speed will become slower and by nature our body changes to fat storing mode for eat slowly eat slowly and chew food thoroughly to aid in digestion through digestion actually begins at the mouth it self studies showing that slow eating help to consume low amounts of food that is less calories beneficial in maintaining and losing weight Gus and don’t stop one drink plenty of water eat low calorie food to eat natural fat burning food during practice exercise meditation etc for practice good eating habits don’t one highly sweetened food items too high salted food items 3 alcohol consumption/smoking 4 carbonated drinks like soda Cola under five saturated fat trans fat hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats six late-night eating habits you [Music]

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