Heart & Body Naturals SLIMMER Weight Loss Challenge

Hey family I was just popping in real quick I have a quick white video and I wanted to talk to you guys real quick and go over and the brand new slimmer challenge promotion so you’ll have to forgive me because today is the day that I go I don’t work with any clients or anything and I take care of myself I got a mani and pedi and so I’m through a bass bachata jumping here because I didn’t want to wait to tell you guys about this new promotion because it’s a phenomenal opportunity not just for you to participate but this is a phenomenal opportunity for marketing purposes for you to share heart and body Naturals with everybody else so I don’t want to wait and bring this to you you know later next week I want to go ahead and get it out to you now and so the hard body natural swimmer challenge in the description of this video and there is a link to the rules and submission forms and everything and it is a 90 day contest and everyone can win and everyone can turn and so participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose using swimmer and other heart and body Naturals products and they can actually earn up to $10 per pound lost and so um you just they will do three different submissions one is going to be on day one and it is to fill out the submission form and shoot a video one is on day 45 with a form in a video and on day 90 a four-minute video as well and so um it’s pretty simple to participate you create a free heart and body Naturals account and then you order one or more 30 days supply of swimmers mind body or soul in any combination so somebody can just order our swimmer or they can order in mind where they can order all of them if they want whatever it is and so then you’re going to maintain an active account for 90 days so and you’re going to also order every day every month for 90 days so for three months in a row three consecutive months a 30 day supply of either a slimmer mind body or soul so for just three consecutive months so say that you started August first it would be August September October now people choose their starting whenever they want so if they decide to start September 1st its September October November or October November December whatever three months whatever 90 consecutive days that they choose to start and in and so would be those three months that they would have the consecutive orders on so for each video participants want to either have a swimsuit or wear form-fitting clothes or something like that so that we can see and then you want to hold a national newspaper so this could be like a USA Today or whatever national newspaper in you know whichever country you’re in but you want to engage of to be clearly visible on the newspaper and so then each video you want to also contain a full body front view a full body side view and then you want to also have a view of your feet standing on a scale with both your weight and the date of the newspaper clearly visible and deserve videos um not just still shot so you want to have the submission form and this in video and then and the official forms are also in the back office if you lose the document for your forms you can also download official forms and back office and you want those completed entry forms to be emailed in to the corporate office and the email for the challenge is there on the challenge document so you want to submit again day one say 45 and day 9z and then the crisis this is moment this is the most exciting part if I wanted to get on here and share with you the crisis because this is phenomenal everybody can earn everybody can win and so this is open for customers as well as consultants brand new it doesn’t matter when they get started the prizes are awarded based on the number of pounds a participant loses during the swimmer challenge so the maximum prize amount that can be earned as $500 that’s right $500 in 90 days that’s incredible so if you lose between 1 and 19 thousand 90 days we’re going to award you and celebrate you with an official slimmer challenge t-shirt which is super exciting and then if you lose between 20 and 29 pounds in 90 days you earn $4 per pound lost weight so that is a minimum at 20 pounds of $80 and then if you lose between 30 and 39 pounds in 90 days you earn six dollars per pound loss so it’s pretty incredible that’s like a hundred and eighty dollars at 30 pounds that’s you know that’s a lot of incentive to lose weight to get healthy to reduce the inflammation in your body you know and to really keep you on track right and if you lose between 40 and 49 pounds and in 90 days you earn eight dollars per pound lost so that’s like what three hundred and twenty dollars at forty pounds so that you know a lot of incentive to lose weight to get healthy and to really just you know change your life and then 50 pounds is $500 so at 50 pounds that’s equivalent to $10 per pound and so $500 is the back key out but and nine of 50 pounds in 90 days phenomenal weight loss and you’ll be so much healthier if anyone you know loses 50 pounds and commits to staying on track for 90 days and so all these reforms and eligibility information must be complete and valid in order to qualify pay the price so you have 90 days day 1 day 45 and day 90 entry forms and videos to submit into the corporate office and then the prizes will be paid out after a participant swimmer challenge 90 days is ended so and once you turned in your 90 day entry form and you’ve submitted your 90 day video after that and after all that has been processed then these winnings will be paid off so unlike other challenges that you might see where everybody puts into a pot and only the top three or top two people win that’s not the way this works everybody has a chance to participate so this is really really really exciting promotion to share with everybody that you know that might be interested in losing a little weight getting a little bit healthier managing their blood Sugar’s controlling cravings reducing their appetite whatever it is they want to accomplish um you know it can be done through this challenge and through losing weight and so on in this entry form it has the you know entry forms in there for day one 45 and 90 you’ll just take that fill it out submit it along with your video email it into the corporate office all the rules and regulations are on here so I’m not going to go over those in detail but I didn’t want to jump on here and encourage you to begin sharing this is especially a great promotion if you are hitting Facebook groups if you’re sharing on Facebook you know get paid to lose weight and this is a especially great promotion for that and it’s you know up to ten dollars per pound loss and that’s you know like I said 500 dollars and over 90 days very very exciting promotion not just to participate and but also to share with those that we loved and those that we come across so I just wanted to jump on here I’m in the description you’re either above or below depending on where you’re watching um you know you will find the PDF document that you can download and share with everybody and I encourage you to go out and share this weekend and thank you so much for continuing to show up for yourself and for yourself in your own business and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call and you know or text or message or send me a message or send your upline message and to find out more about this phenomenal challenge so super excited super excited to be here with you guys and tell you about this challenge and so I wish you a good day thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me and have a great day bye bye

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