HB Naturals Product And comp plan Review

Weekly here with HB Naturals want to definitely talk about this new company with this great great stuff it helps you with inflammation and its author ID as heart disease brain disorders obesity and it only gets better by taking these products when you see something like this I jump right on it I just right now I definitely you know definitely saw this and I had to jump jump on it ASAP these are the shots slimmer mind body okay mind body and soul so you take these shots morning lunch dinner and you do this three times a day okay it talks about your not overweight you have chronic inflammation okay and it talks about you know gives you education about you know what you know eating sugar and process carbs raising insulin levels okay cell membranes are damaged eventually screw it up the hormonal receptors parked there okay instantly causes inflammation and bigger fat cells okay and talks about so much information let you know why people are getting bigger and stuff like that okay these are the products mind body and soul healing reality okay this is you know the world renowned gifted healer Alexandre Brighton with science back ingredients shown to reduce chronic inflammation okay super foods are matter of fact in the USA and with turmeric coconut I mean it has all these super foods minerals that your body needs okay nourish for kids all ages okay this is all the good stuff that your body needs is all gear is all organic plant-based gluten-free non-gmo dairy-free okay cruelty-free also you know and you get your own website you know this is my picture my name I mean this is definitely legit company to get involved in okay let’s look at a part by the naturals welcomes you it talks about our purpose management and track record it talks about financially sound buying you know try guarantee take 30 days after you receive your order you know you have a I definitely say if you’re not satisfied you get a full refund and that is powerful okay and it talks about while they’re different is Purpose Driven earth friendly farm direct buy and try guarantee okay and this is the whole team here this is Alexandra Brighton she’s a doctor she’s been studying you know herbs and you know natural stuff to heal the body and she came you know and made this company here to her own to help you know people earn money while you know while people are definitely um you know want to start a business so H be natural is going to be huge I think it’s going to be huge guys do you choose huge so let’s look at the let’s say here what is a we’re going to see you can do mind okay this is the mind product okay the benefits gives you brain performance protects your brain it supports your body and D restful sleep calms your mind up lifts your mood inflammation in your brain okay as we age more and more of us seeing our body outlasting our brain okay increase devastating mind is related is heartbreaking for so many scientists have long known that inflammation is these conditions okay so I mean you see in Alzheimer’s I mean I’m not saying this cures or that you know anything I’m just saying give what the body it needs then the body knows what to do and it has the ingredients here everything and here’s the body you can also pause this video check out the ingredients I mean look at this the body needs stamina I mean they may is natural to increase the oxide levels okay I mean come on promotes reduction of inflammation arteries see yo-yo the arteries inflamed how can that cholesterol get through the things that’s another thing it’s not the cholesterol that kills you it’s the inflammation okay and kills you this is what it all does you can pause the video here as beats man has all the good stuff that your body needs your body knows what to do with this stuff the soul agrees pain again inflammation metabolism this is the stomachache pH balance and you’re good as all the ingredients right here it’s just just amazing stuff what your body can do no junk in the soul okay that is amazing so we’re going to definitely uh leave it as that for now the comp plan is I guess I can get into that why not a little bit yeah so let’s get into the comp plan then first in the industrial only one of its kind too wide infinity matrix plus infinity binary okay so while we’re different free to join everyone starts as a customer okay load $25 personal sales volume requirements now that is good daily Commission’s that pay in real time instantly earn seven hundred and eight dollars with a team of twenty for a fast break even and profits now I never heard of a plan like that that’s why I jumped on this start making this video start putting it on YouTube and start you know sharing this great opportunity okay I mean that is awesome guys then just check out the plan remember I mean it’s free to join $25 personal sales volume requirements what and most of these programs you’re going to have a hundred dollars you know or sixty bucks but this is $25 okay it gets better look at this simple and super smart with that a I mean the H be in dual incentive plan you can earn on your affinity affinity matrix M infinity binary everyone has to first level positions one of the lesson one of the right as your personal share with others purchase product you can place them on either your left or right team new members can also be placed in your team’s by your enroller or other members above you when someone is placed under you they are in both of your Infinity matrix and affinity binary build one team and earn with both Infinity plants Wow that’s $1 per member with 50 PV up to 12% per every 200 slash 200 volunteer guys retail Commission’s 20% paid dated customer sales bonus 20 percent 3 percent 2% paid daily star bonuses up to $400 plus all other bonuses paid monthly dual Infinity matrix $1.00 per 50 CV order to infinity paid monthly dual infinity binary 4 percent 12 percent up to 20,000 weekly paid instantly binary matched Commission’s up to 7 generations deep paid daily rank advancement bonus up to 190,000 paid monthly that is crazy guys it pays to stay active as long as you remain an active with at least 25 PSV every 30 days the sales room in your organization will continue to accumulate until you are eligible for infinity matrix or infinity binary commissions did you hear that your account is inactive at the close of the month your c’mere volume will be reset to zero in your place back into the enrollers active members below you would be compressed above you you don’t want that retail Commission’s Wow I mean just look at this that it’s crazy guys this comp plan is powerful okay other companies out there they don’t have a cop talent if I see a lot of leaders they’re gonna jump on this guy’s we need to start getting healthy this is your ingredients for all of us okay to get in help them healthy even shows you how to eat right okay I mean come on pause the video if you need to check it out more I mean customer sales bonuses there you go star bonuses I mean wow guys just just pause the video I mean I’m getting excited I’m ready to explode I’m ready you know tell me come on so the videos 12 minutes you know here’s the doing affinity matrix paid monthly earn $1 all right Wow Man Man mate crazy man Wow alright guys you see the picture pause the video click the link below join for free you have one month to make up your mind I would get the product you know and just change people’s lives guys guys let’s get this thing started this is brand-new and made 2017 and there’s all this first this thing is start jumping guys we got to jump on it so the video has been 13 minutes and and that’s welcome you if you join on my team you know welcome you we’re on a different power ‘fl team my upline is you know is great and evil trained us and it’s awesome guys so I’ll take it easy robber weekly with H V naturals now have a good day

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