Diet AND Exercise Plan To Lose Weight Fast At Home 2017

hi everyone and welcome back to you a helmet I see some of you are looking for a diet and exercise plan for ultimate weight loss that is going to be maintainable and effective then trust me your core to the perfect place so it’s coming up to the new year and around this time so many you thought a looking voice to lose weight to get fit and to finally get out the cycle of yo-yo dieting and if you’re watching this video there’s a really good chance that you’ve probably tried your hand at dieting already and it probably hasn’t been as effective as it could be so make sure you watch this video to the end and get all the tips and trust me you won’t never have to diet again if you follow all these tips I also do online nutrition coaching so if you are serious about getting fair then check out my services in the description box or you can email me at health Makati at and I will get back to you pretty much straight away ok so now it’s time to get into the Gipsy stuff the stuff that you really want to know to change your body so first of all we’re gonna start with diet because that is what’s going to change your body the most and keep you healthy so the number one rule for losing weight and this will come as no shock to anyone you’ve got to reduce the amount of calories your countrymen and there’s many different ways to do this so a lot of people are against counting calories however I think it’s a really good way to get started because you’re probably eating way more calories than you need to and you’re probably just used to eat at night market calories so you never really feel full you’re probably just mindlessly eaten so I haven’t an app or something a good one is MyFitnessPal to keep track of your calories momentarily it’s a really good way to start reducing your portion size and and just to know around about how much you are eating however I wouldn’t recommend doing this long time to lose weight the whole way through because I don’t think it’s maintainable I think it will be bro we’re losing weight but then what we want to do want to blast me is maintaining that and this is what people struggle with the most that you don’t want to lose weight away that would be maintained for the rest of your life and then you have to do back for dieting again so first start calorie counted and then we self off it once your stomach is shrunk a little bit and what your portions are reduced and then you’ll find it much easier to eat less another good way to cut your calories without counting your calories is to eat more nutrient-dense low calorie food so stuff like this is fruit vegetables things like watermelon things like broccoli peas things like that so make sure you’re filling up on a lot of fruit and vegetables this is also going to increase your fiber intake and this will really help to make you feel fuller for longer so the different ways you can feel fuller for longer is one fiber and two proteins so you need to make sure you eat enough protein so that you’re not having dips within the day that will make you just want to eat everything in sight so you need to make sure that you’re having a good balance of macronutrients and what I mean by macronutrients is fat protein and carbs so no.1 macronutrient should be vilified a lot of people say cut your carbs or cut your fat and increase your protein and actually I don’t think this is the case I think we need a balance of all so we don’t just want to lose weight we want optimum health as well so you might be able to lose weight by cutting out a map region or reducing something but it won’t be long term and you won’t have ultimate health in the end another great way to reduce your calories is to drink lots of water the reason for this it would just make you feel full and a lot of the times what we think we’re hungry we’re actually thirsty so every time you want to eat have a glass of water fast see if you’re still hungry then if you are still hungry going first something no calorie like a piece of fruit or you can even find some health bars at a really low calorie I absolutely love naked bars they’re really healthy there’s no additives in there so it’s something really healthy as a snack and then if you’re still hungry after that that makes the time to make a really nice meal for yourself cook it from scratch and get involved on your cock and try to stay away from convenience food because a lot of the time when we have convenience food we don’t take the time to enjoy it as much it’s just sort of a quickly eat it and run type of thing and your brain registered that you’ve actually eaten also convenience foods are much more likely to be packed full of things that are really unhealthy and aren’t going to be optimum for your body and then they can cause all sorts of issues like digestion problems and things like that the next thing I would recommend is focus on health so because of what you’re adding to your body and adding to your diet rather than what you’re taking away so if you focus on the fact that you’re eating a lot more fruit and you’re enjoying it more and you’ll find your takes starts to change as well as if you didn’t enjoy before you might start to enjoy now so if you start eating more of these food then you’ll really enjoy them and you’ll enjoy the fact that you’ve added them to your diet rather than crying over the fact that you can’t have a doughnut or something so really focus on what you’re adding and all the nutrients you’re getting and how good you fail rather than focusing on what you might miss or anything like that okay so now we’re on to exercise so the two forms of exercise I would recommend is cardio and strength-training so cardio can be anything it can literally just be walking your dog it doesn’t have to be something that’s really really intense a lot of people don’t like intense cardio and a lot of people carve doing intense cardio if you’re starting at higher weight then it’s going to be quite unrealistic to say that you’re gonna go for a 30-minute run every single day because that’s hard for people who are overweight so set your goals a little bit smaller so that you don’t rubbish about yourself if you don’t hit them so if you’re just starting out with cardio and maybe you’ve never done anything before then a ten minute walk a day will be really effective for you and it’s maintainable and achievable and that is so important so that you don’t feel like you’re letting yourself down so the second form of exercise is strength training and this is really good for actually increasing your metabolism because the more muscle mass you have on your body the higher your metabolism will be so you can go to the gym to do this and use the weight section but I know for a lot of people that might be really intimidating and also not everyone has the money to go in the gym so you can’t just get some bread cheap dumbbells from eBay and do a little bit of training at home using YouTube workouts or if you don’t want to buy any dumbbells and you can find things around your house so maybe water bottles and things like that and there’s loads of simple exercises that you can do at home that will help you build muscle so definitely follow YouTube why I felt as well or just listen to your body and do the things that you enjoy doing so once you’ve done a few YouTube workouts your learn a few different moves and then you can create your own routine and if you want to do the same routine every day that’s absolutely fine but if you do find that you start plateauing in your weight loss then change up a little bit and that will help you to continue losing weight okay so that’s all the tips I have for this video I do have a lot more tips for weight loss so if you do want to say another video on how you can lose weight effectively then please give this a thumbs up and let me know in the comments that you want to see another video also please don’t forget to subscribe that you don’t miss any more of my future videos okay so thank you so so so much for watching and I will see you in the next video bye

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