2017 HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 23 Pounds in 21 Days

[Music] I told you this gooey chocolaty brownie lost my mind which I have but I’m not kidding about this one of them you broken it focuses ingredients are in traditional boundaries like sugar and flour right we’re at natural apple sauce to give it that sweetens at the whole day cutting carry that where you can have the desert ride those are side you lose eight pounds in one week and week after week of what not simply press here okay pull that off ok that’s pour juice it’s no trick do you know it spatula but look home and you can get it thinner and you can leave it in there long enough delicious okay and then I surreal chocolate ok so do that wait am I way back together just break out on time perfect well so you’ve got your brownie mix so here’s number 400 in this big traditional brow here they are a hundred calories for one and so that is a sick is not to it that very glad tell me the truth yeah this is very good I’ve written the oven for about 30 min green the holidays they’ve actual weight loss you argue has a lot to do with rival why is that weird well it in the whole time you can be a part time vegan and you get all the ball you get tiny in all the right places especially the waist about and the protein I like in the morning is coconut yogurt your parallel Allah you have a perfect very very exotic taste a very exotic right secret what can you tell people about working out or eating one thousand different ways to skin the fat loss cat in if long as you can adhere to in that’s what we term stubborn fat and that’s what my specialty is is teaching people that I fast for 12 to 16 hours four or five days no elevated and so it ends up happening is creates the perfect storm they go much longer than that my wife that does 12 to 14 hours a day after the fast if you break that fast with a high intensity workflow so if you feel like a stubborn packet of fat especially on your body will release the fighter Floyd hormones called catecholamine bat that’s awesome the same pair

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